About us

We are newly founded company which originated under the name Brichac Tom in 2013.

We create our own books and their marketing promotion. Our titles have been very popular amongst thousands of readers and they have filled the libraries of many families. We focus specially on books with purpose and benefits, whether its mental or motivational, we are looking for books which the readers will remember and keep close to their hearts.

We make bestsellers!

We are searching for exclusive tittles from the international market. With our experiences with translation, corrections and our contacts with professionals we can create tittles that become very popular with our customers.

Our mission

A book without promotion, as if it weren't. That's why we do everything we can to make our books known. To be successful and to be at the forefront of sales. It is in the interest of us and the authors we represent.
Tomáš Kosačík

Why are we different

Every book is unique to us

Over the last 5 years we have sold over 800 000 books in the Czech market which has population of 10 mil people.

We specialize in publishing of smaller number of titles and their significant promotion.

On average 2000 books of each tittle are sold within 5 years (in Czech republic).

Our books are selling at approximately 30 000 units per year.

Some of our bestsellers reach up to 150 000-unit sales.

Over the last 5 years we have sold over 800 000 books in the Czech market which has population of 10 mil people.

We have achieved a distinguished and privileged position in the Czech market.

We work with some of the best specialist in the book industry and have a great network for distribution.


We have over 260 000 fans in the Czech Republic. We have an audience of approximately 2 million women in the ages bracket of 20 – 45 years old every month through our social media campaigns.


In 2022 we are expanding our activities to Slovakia where we have the potential to gain an additional 5 million new potential customers.

We are preparing expansion to the Polish market with our own eshop and marketing channels.

Meet the team

Tomas Kosacik


Place of work: Czech Republic, communication with local partners
Phone: +420 774 84 09 07
Email: tomas@kosacik.com

Michaela Martin

Junior Assistant for European market

Place of work: Ireland, communication with international partners
Phone: + 353 86 258 1729
Email: michaela@kosacik.com

Kosacik Publishing s.r.o.

Maticni 730/3

702 00 Ostrava – Moravska Ostrava

IC: 14231069     DIC (VAT): CZ14231069